Red , Blue and Yellow Days : The Nursery class celebrated Red Day. Mothers were asked to join the students to create a fun and joy experience as the children enjoyed a few craft activities and games with their parents.

The Aqua Ambassadors : Through Aqua Fun activities students were made to realize the importance of water.Activities related to water were conducted. Children were shown the sinking and floating concept. Fun with bubbles and magic balls, ice painting and sherbet making were a few other activities conducted.

Ice – Cream Sundae on a Monday : The Salgirah Mubarak of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Maula ( RA ) was celebrated on 29th August. Being a non instructional day a fun time for kids was organized . They enjoyed loads of ice cream with various toppings of their choice.

We are on a tour : The pre - school programs are enriched through the inclusion of carefully planned trips to add on elements of realism and enhance their learning. various field trips through ther year are undertaken to give students hands on learning experience. Right from visiting a Momins house to going for a trip to the mall , students have been enjoying educational trips.

Reasons for Seasons : The pre schoolers displayed their best as they dressed as various seasons and recited poems related to the same. They undertook various class activities to understand the concept of seasons better.

Mini Olympics : A plethora of games and activities interspersed with well coordinated displays heralded the successful Mini Olympics for the pre schoolers. 100 % students participated in various races to compete in a cooperative environment.

Black and White Day : The nursery class celebrated black and white day . fathers were called to the school wherein they enjoyed some fun time with kids in the sand pit area as well as created bookmarks with them.

Photos of class room corners (all 3 classes)